Equantu SQ803 - Premium Car Aromatherapy Machine & Bakhoor Burner - Ideal Muslim Gift

The Equantu SQ803 is a refined and versatile bakhoor burner. Its sleek design, accentuated by a black metal casing, adds a touch of modern sophistication whether used in a car or home. Compact and easy to operate, it can be conveniently placed anywhere, whether you are on the go or at home. The Equantu SQ803 makes for an elegant choice, be it to elevate your personal space or as a unique gift.
Bakhoor Incense Burner
The unique dual-purpose design enables it to infuse both your clothes with a delightful aroma and to freshen up your surrounding environment, be it in your car or at home.
Equantu SQ803 car aromatherapy machine and bakhoor burner
Equantu SQ803 car aromatherapy machine and bakhoor burner

Product Description

Product name Aromatherapy stove
Smoke size adjustment Two levels of smoke size adjustment
light color mode 7 colors
battery capacity 2200mah
low battery indicator 3.3V low power alarm (every 30 seconds, the bottom red light flashes 3 times), 3.0V low power shutdown.
Built-in temperature sensor yes
cooling protection yes
Automatic power-off yes
Product Size 4.0*2.0*5.0cm
product weight 0.6kg


Filled with innovative and practical features, the Equantu SQ803 bakhoor burner is designed for versatility. Its easy-to-fill and clean burning compartment can accommodate various types of bakhoor incense. The built-in efficient heating element ensures your chosen fragrance is quickly diffused. With safety at the forefront, the Equantu SQ803 is equipped with an auto-shutoff function that activates after an extended period of use, ensuring a serene and comfortable experience.

Equantu SQ803 car aromatherapy machine and bakhoor burner