In-depth Analysis of SQ668 Zikr Ring Features

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Key Features

  1. Prayer Counting:

    • Real-time tracking of prayer counts to help users stay focused.
    • The counter can be reset for daily use.
  2. Prayer Reminders:

    • Set daily prayer reminders to ensure no prayer times are missed.
    • Notifications include vibrations and display prompts.
  3. APP Integration:

    • The ring syncs with a dedicated app, which uses the phone’s location to automatically calculate prayer times.
    • The app supports multiple languages and is easy to navigate.
  4. Battery & Usage:

    • Long-lasting battery life, designed to last several days on a single charge.
    • Ideal for both daily use and travel.

How to Use

  1. Setting Prayer Reminders:

    • Open the app, select the "Reminders" feature, and set your daily prayer times.
    • Confirm the settings, and the ring will notify you at the set times.
  2. Starting Prayer Counting:

    • Press the button on the ring to start counting.
    • Each time you complete a prayer, press the button to increase the count.
  3. Viewing Statistics:

    • Open the app to view daily and weekly prayer statistics to understand your prayer habits better.

User Feedback

Many users report that the SQ668 Zikr Ring significantly enhances their prayer experience by providing convenient counting and reminder features, helping them manage prayer times more effectively.

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In-depth Analysis of SQ668 Zikr Ring Features


The SQ668 Zikr Ring is more than just a stylish accessory; it is a practical tool to help users manage their prayer times efficiently. Whether for daily life or special occasions, it offers significant convenience and support.


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