Introducing the QB708 Zikr Ring Prayer Made Portable and Convenient

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We are excited to introduce our new product, the QB708 Zikr Ring. This innovative smart ring is incredibly compact, similar in size to a regular ring, allowing you to wear it daily without any inconvenience. The ring's standout feature is its ability to vibrate to remind you of prayer times, as well as keep count of your prayers, making your prayer life more convenient.

The QB708 Zikr Ring uses advanced vibration reminder technology, ensuring you never miss a prayer no matter where you are. It will gently vibrate, providing a discreet and personal reminder of your spiritual commitments.

Additionally, the QB708 Zikr Ring features a prayer counter, making it easier to keep track of your prayer counts. This feature is particularly useful during Ramadan and other religious observances when prayers are more frequent.

One of the most impressive features of the QB708 Zikr Ring is its long battery life. A single charge can last between 5 to 7 days, making it a reliable companion for your spiritual journey.

Experience the convenience and spiritual benefits of the QB708 Zikr Ring. Make it a part of your daily life and see the difference it makes in your spiritual practice.

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